What We Offer

Established in 1993, MEIC has built a valued reputation for successfully tackling the jobs at our machine shop. We've earned it by focusing on small high quality, precision parts.  

At MEIC we take our work seriously and that is the reason why in today competitive world we are dedicated to quality and on time-zero defect delivery. Providing our customers with high quality work done with latest technology, including CNC lathes with  two to nine axis machines, with live tooling, supported by latest high quality CAM software. This winning combination assures quality, and in time-zero defect delivery.

Our QA department assures that all parts are produce up to the most demanding customer’s standards.

About Our Company

​MEIC Inc.






Our facility is equipped with a computer numerical controlled (CNC) from Two to Nine Axis lathes as well as Milling and Grinding equipment, thus we are able to produce parts with tightest tolerances.

Our mix of Technology, Quality Assurance and Experience provides safeguard for our client's, up to the standard timely-zero defect delivery.

We are firm beliver in Deming's philosophy focusing on continouous improvements in product and service quality by reducing ucertainty and varibility in manufacturing, and service processes, leading to higher quality, lower cost,and constant productivity improvements.